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Upcoming Events at the United Spirit Arena - Lubbock, TX
Tickets and Events Schedule at United Spirit ArenaUnited Spirit Arena tickets are available now at TickCo Premium Seating. Please select one of the upcoming concerts or other events from the list below to view available tickets at the United Spirit Arena. Order tickets online through our secure server or over the phone.

Our tickets are sold at above the face value. Our prices may be substantially higher than the original cost. We are not affiliated with United Spirit Arena, Ticketmaster® or any box office. We are a privately owned ticket agency that buys and resells tickets for concerts and events at the United Spirit Arena. Learn More
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More Information:
United Spirit Arena is located on the campus of Texas Tech University.

1701 Indiana Avenue
Lubbock, TX 79413

Directions to United Spirit Arena in Lubbock, TX - Provided by MapQuest

For more venue info please contact United Spirit Arena directly.
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