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Telecharge or Tickco.com?

Who should you buy from, Telecharge or Tickco.com? It really depends on what it is that you are looking for. Telecharge is the official ticketing agency for most of New York City's theatres. They have contracts with these venues which allow them to be the original distributor of tickets for many broadway shows. Telecharge sells tickets at face value which is generally the cheapest.

Selection may be limited at Telecharge which is why a lot of people prefer to buy tickets from www.tickco.com, where the good seats are always available! Tickco.com gives you access to tickets that are no longer available at the box office! Because we specialize in premium seating, our tickets are sold at above the face value.

Pros at Telecharge:
· Tickets are sold at face value

· Waiting in long lines for tickets
· Premium seats are difficult to find
· Popular events sell out quickly

Ordering Options:
· Order Online
· Charge by Phone
Pros at Tickco.com:
· Tickets are never sold out
· Premium seating is usually available
· No long lines or waiting on hold
· We buy tickets from the general public
· Personalized customer service

· We are not the original box office
· Tickets are sold at above the face value

Ordering Options:
· Phone: 800-279-4444
· Order Online

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We accept all major credit cards including AMEX, VISA, MasterCard and Discover. To pay by money order or cashiers check please call us at 800.279.4444.

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