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Help Me Choose My Seats at Giants Stadium

East Rutherford, NJ
A Fan's Seating Guide, Tips and Seating Reviews
Lower Level 30-50-Yard Line
Sitting between the 30-yard lines at Giants Stadium is definitely the way to go. You get your own folding chair complete with seat back and armrests. You get up close, premium views of the game from behind the sidelines. Sitting in sections closer to the 50-yard line will get you the best views of each endzone. Even if you're sitting on the 30-yard line you still get a great view of the far endzone. Sitting in the Lower Level between the 30-yard lines is as good as it gets at Giants Stadium, so lock up some of the most sought after tickets in the league today and get ready to enjoy bone-crushing, in-your-face NFL football at Giants Stadium.

Lower Level Sections Between the 30-Yard Lines
Home: 110-112
Visitors: 130-132

Rows in Lower Level Sections
There can be up to 43 rows in the lower level depending on the section. Rows will generally be marked 1-43 with row 1 being closest to the field. In some sections row AA may be the first row. Rows 2 and 3 might also be the first row depending on the section. If any row other than row 1 is truly the first row in a given section it will be clearly marked in the notes associated with the ticket listing. For extra shade or shelter, roughly the last 10 rows (34-43) are covered by the Club Level.

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