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Churchill Downs Seating

If you're looking for Kentucky Derby tickets and need to know a little bit more about your seating options at Churchill Downs, you can learn more by browsing through the information provided here.

Churchhill Downs

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From Millionaire's Row to the Infield Bleachers, there's plenty of action and excitement within the hallowed grounds of Churchill Downs to go around, no matter where you sit. We've provided the following information to assist you in selecting the perfect Kentucky Derby tickets.

Note: Most of the reserved seating at Churchill Downs requires Business Casual Attire. That means no jeans, shorts or track shoes.

Also: Amenities vary per ticket listing. Complimentary buffet and bar services will need to be confirmed upon purchase. Please call us at 800.279.4444 and one of our knowledgeable Sales Representatives will be happy to assist you with your Kentucky Derby ticket purchase.

Millionaire's Row

Treat your party to the very best at Churchill Downs. From celebrity Thoroughbred owners such as Yankees owner George Steinbrenner and Louisville coach Rick Pitino, to just plain celebrities like Donald Trump and Patriots QB Tom Brady, you never know who you'll run into when you've got access to Millionaire's Row.

There are two floors available in Millionaire's Row. Millionaire Six is aptly on the 6th floor. It's set up in tables of 8 where you are taken care of by your server. You have access to a full bar and can order from the Call To The Post . There are several overhead televisions (about 1 every 3 feet) to keep you up to date on race-day action. When it's race time, head out to the balcony for tiered seating to view the race. From there you'll have premium views of the Derby above the legendary finish line at Churchill Downs.

Millionaire Four is on the 4th floor and offers all the same amenities as Millionaire Six. The only differences are the view from the balcony, which is closer to ground level, and The Grand Chef Table menu which offers a few more dining options than the 6th floor menu.

For VIP treatment, a great view of the race and a chance to rub elbows with the likes of Jack Nicholson and Michael Jordan, Millionaire's Row is the place to be!

Gold Room

The Gold Room is located on the 6th floor of the Clubhouse, next to Millionaire's Row. You get a private booth. You can place bets right from your booth which includes its own monitor, with everything you need to win big right from your seat. You get wait service from a full bar and menu. Keep in mind, this room was designed for the cream-of-the-crop in track and betting enthusiasts. It can be intimidating to the average race fan and there's not much else to do in the room but bet. You can leave your booth to watch the race live on the 4-teired seating on the 6th floor balcony or move down and stand for the race near the 3rd-floor Clubhouse Box seats.

The Gold Room is best suited for hard-core race betting. If you're not planning to spend your day in the thick of handicapping and betting on the races, and you want to take in more of the Kentucky Derby experience, we recommend sitting elsewhere in the Clubhouse.

Skye Terrace

The Skye Terrace consists of sections 613, 614, 513, 514 and 412-414 on the 4th, 5th and 6th floors of the Clubhouse. You get many of the same amenities as you would with the Millionaire's Row seating. You get a reserved table and waiter/waitress service at your seat. You order from the same bar and menu as the folks in Millionaire's Row.

4th Floor Clubhouse (Aristides and Stakes Rooms)

The Aristides Room and the Stakes Room are meeting rooms that are normally reserved for corporate gatherings throughout the year. Occasionally tables are available during the Kentucky Derby. They are usually catered, with food and drinks included at no extra charge but you will need to call to confirm this. Unless you have a table reserved by the window, you'll want to watch the race from the 4th-floor balcony.

Turf Club

The Turf Club is the place to be for the Kentucky Derby. You get a reserved table. Tables in rows A, B and C get you a great view down to the track. You're free to roam anywhere in the Clubhouse to get a better view of the race, but you'll probably want to stay in the Turf Club. This is where the hippest celebrities hang out. It's an all-day, all-you-can-eat-and-drink party inside one of the most exclusive areas at Churchill Downs. Stars like Pam Anderson, Kid Rock and Tara Reed have been known to party in the Turf Club.

The gourmet buffet is included, but you will have to pay for your drinks. You can get wait service at your table, but most of the fun is roaming around the Club to spot celebrities. Hang out on the 4th floor patio to watch the race if you don't have a view from your table. You'll spend most of your time mingling inside the Turf Club, but you are free to walk around Millionaire's row and/or find a better view for the race in any of the Clubhouse sections below the Turf Club.

3rd Floor Clubhouse (Matt Winn Room)

The Matt Winn Room is an exclusive dinning area located on the 3rd floor of the Clubhouse, just behind the Interior Premium Boxes, and next to the Turf Club. It's not recommended for a view of the race. You will need to move to the 3rd -floor Clubhouse Box seats to see the race. You get to order dinner and drinks in a private setting, but you do not get access to the Turf Club or the Interior Premium Boxes. You are free to roam the rest of the 3rd floor of the Clubhouse and into any Clubhouse or Grandstand sections on the 3rd floor or lower. Just keep in mind, the only seat you are entitled to sit in will be at your reserved table in the Matt Winn Room.

Interior Premium Boxes

Tucked behind the 3rd-floor Clubhouse Boxes, in an indoor, climate-controlled setting you'll find the Interior Premium Box seats. These sections are separated from the Clubhouse seats by glass and provide an excellent view down to the finish line. You get in-seat wait service and access to 3 levels of the Clubhouse. Roam outside if you want to, but you're going to have a great view of the race from your comfy, enclosed seating!

2nd Floor Clubhouse (Silks and Champions)

There are two VIP reserved lounge areas on the 2nd floor of the Clubhouse. Silks is a non-smoking lounge that is usually set up in tables of 8. You can order drinks at your table and order food from the nearest buffet menu. You don't get a view of the race from your table, but you're free to watch it on one of the many televisions located throughout the lounge. You can also walk outside to the 2nd-floor Grandstands to watch it live.

Champions is an indoor smoking lounge right next to Silks and the only difference from sitting at a table in Silks is the ability to smoke inside.

Jockey Club Suites

Jockey Club Suites are located on the 4th, 5th and 6th floors of the Suite level before the finish line. These are fully-catered suites with top-shelf liquor from an open bar and include gourmet food from an open buffet. All you have to do is show up and be ready to party. Your view will vary depending on the floor. If your table is not next to the glass you are free to walk out to the private balcony to watch the race or move down for a better view in the Clubhouse and Grandstand sections below the Suite level. However, you'll probably want to hangout near the rail on the balcony for the big race. There are a few rows of tiered seating in front of each Suite level, but not too many people sit down during the main event!

Suite Level (Oaks, Derby, Triple Crown Rooms)

Tucked into the Jockey Club Suite level are 3 meeting rooms. There are several tables set up in these rooms during the Derby. There will be staff at hand to wait on your table with buffet and bar service.

The Triple Crown Room is on the 5th floor. Enjoy a private table and access to the 6th floor balcony for the best view during race time.

The Oaks Room and Derby Room are located on the 4th floor of the Jockey Club Suites. Both rooms will have servers available for bar and buffet service. You'll want to head out to the 4th floor balcony for the best views during the race.

Trackside Village

For a truly first-class experience we recommend a table at Trackside Village. Located on the legendary turn 1 at Churchill Downs, the views and VIP amenities you get here are unparalleled. You are treated to a complimentary, lavish buffet and open bar with top-shelf well, wine and draft. You get an elevated view from turn 1 in a wonderful setting. For the best views of the race you'll want to move out to the 2nd-floor patio or rooftop deck if available. Rooftop or patio access is determined on a per package basis. Please call to confirm the location of your table.

You can also watch the race on closed circuit TVs, and place winning bets using the pari-mutuel windows or self-betting machines available.

Clubhouse Sections

For great views of the race minus some of the lavish VIP amenities, Clubhouse Box seats are your best bet.

Clubhouse sections are on the 1st-3rd floors of the Clubhouse at Churchill Downs and include sections 312-320, 212-218 and 111-118.

Clubhouse seats get you access to bars, food courts, mutuel windows and betting machines throughout the Clubhouse. For the best views, stick to the 3rd-floor sections. These sections are elevated enough to see over most of the infield clutter to the backstretch. 300-level Club Box seats in rows D and higher include in-box betting machines.

You don't get complimentary food and drinks or wait service in most of the Clubhouse sections, but you do get a great view and Clubhouse access with upscale concessions that are not available to Grandstand patrons.

Keep in mind, you can always move down at Churchill Downs. If you have seats on the 3rd floor you are free to move down to the 2nd floor of the Clubhouse or 2nd-floor Clubhouse Box seats. The same is true for 2nd-floor Clubhouse seats, meaning you also get access to the 1st floor of the Clubhouse and 1st-floor-Clubhouse-Box sections.

Grandstand Sections

For great views of the race at some of the best prices available, try Grandstand seating in the 100-300 Grandstand sections. You're on your own for food, drinks and betting, but you still get great views of the race from the front stretch, just before the finish line.

There are mutuel windows and concession areas available, but you don't get any in-seat wait service, personal betting machines or private restrooms like you might in the Clubhouse seating.

Stick to the 300-level Grandstand sections for the best shot at views of the backstretch.

More Seating

Churchill Downs has done a great job at keeping the Kentucky Derby an event that everyone can enjoy. From general admission tickets along the rail in the infield to VIP, celeb-spotting tables in the Turf Club, there are a lot of options to choose from. If you have any questions regarding your Kentucky Derby tickets purchase or you're looking for tickets in a section we've not covered here, please do not hesitate to call us at 800.279.4444.

We want your experience to reflect the honor, tradition and spectacle that is the Kentucky Derby. If you have any questions one of our knowledgeable Sales Representatives will be happy to assist you in choosing the perfect seating to ensure your visit to Churchill Downs is unforgettable.

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