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FBR Open Hole 16

FBR Open 16th Hole - Get Loud!
If you've got your FBR Open Tickets and you want to take part in one of the most unique experiences on the PGA tour, get ready to find a seat at hole 16! Below you'll find some great photos and information about the loudest hole on the PGA Tour; Hole number 16 at the TPC of Scottsdale!

World Famous 16th - The Loudest Hole in Golf

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During the FBR Open the world famous hole 16 at the TPC of Scottsdale offers one of the most unique experiences in all of golf. The fans surrounding 16 are rowdy and the crowd more closely resembles a college football crowd than a quiet, conforming golf gallery.

In 1997 Tiger Woods elevated the fame of hole 16 when he aced the short 162-yard par three. The crowd roared from the moment that Tiger started his backswing all the way through until he snatched his ball out of the cup. You can imagine the pitch of the crowd as the ball found the pin for a hole-in-one, but it wasn't until Woods retrieved his ball and raised it above his head in a glorious moment of accomplishment that the loudest cheers rang out. Moments like these continue to make the 16th hole at the FBR open the loudest hole on the PGA Tour, and Arizona's proud fans of PGA golf are not bound to let that fame pass quietly.

The rowdy mix of a partying crowd cheering on the best golfers in the world from a stadium atmosphere is something you will not want to miss at this year's FBR open. Get ready to be a part of the biggest party in golf by adding your voice to the internationally televised broadcast from the 16th hole at the FBR Open!

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