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Help Me Choose My Seats at the Coliseum in Caesar's Palace

The Very Best Seats: The best seats in the Coliseum are located in the Center Orchestra sections 2-6 rows AA-NN. These are considered VIP seats and will always come with the largest price tag. Because they are the most expensive seats and right up front, there's a good chance you'll sit next to some high rollers and or celebrities. If you absolutely want first class seating and price is of no concern, look for seats in Orchestra sections 3-5 rows AA-NN.
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Very Good Seats: If you want to sit in the lower level but don't want to pay VIP prices, look at seats in Orchestra sections 3-5 with single letter rows. There are 16 rows located in the Rear Orchestra. The better seats will be located in rows A-H, with Row A being the best. These seats are fantastic and while they're not right up close, you'll still have an amazing view of the show.
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Quality and Affordable Seats: The First Mezzanine section is located above the rear Orchestra. The Mezzanine is elevated and offers a great view of the stage with a price that's considerably less than Orchestra seat prices. When Celine Dion performs, there is a very elaborate stage show and these seats allow you to see the entire stage perfectly. The best Mezzanine seats can be found in sections 2-6 Rows A-D. Section 4 sits dead center.
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Economical Seats:
If price definitely is a factor but you still want to see the show, look for seats in the Rear Orchestra (rows K-M) and 2nd Mezzanine Levels. There are no "bad seats" in the Coliseum; in fact it is designed so that no seat is further than 120 feet from the stage. Occasionally you will find Rear Orchestra seats in the first couple of rows priced reasonably so be sure to look carefully, you may find a great deal on some good seats.
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Tickets for all events at Caesar's Palace can be ordered online or over the phone. Please feel free to call us toll free 800-279-4444 with any questions.

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