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General Info: The Pantages Theater seats 2,681 at its highest capacity. The Orchestra level, or first level, contains 36 rows. They are labeled A-Z & NN-ZZ. The Mezzanine level, or 2nd level, which comes out over Row T of the Orchestra, contains 15 rows. These are labeled A-H & J-Q. Each level contains five divisions: For Center the seat numbers will be labeled in the 100's, Right Center will be labeled in the 200's, Left center will be numbered in the 300's. The far right will be even numbers and the far left will be odd numbers. There is no elevator access to the Mezzanine level.

100's Orchestra: My personal favorite seats are in the orchestra, center. If you want to impress your special friend or a good client, these are the seats to get. You almost feel like you are a part of the performance if you are in the first 15 rows. 
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200's, 300's Orchestra: The 200's and 300's are good seats.  You are just left or right center with great views of the performance. 
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100's, 200's, 300's Mezzanine: The 100's, 200's, and 300's of the Mezzanine are nice seats to have, especially in rows A-H.  You are up a little higher but at a great angle to see the whole stage.
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Evens or  Odds, Left or Right Orchestra, or Mezzanine:
These would be the seats you would want if you were on a limited budget.
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Seating Chart
Pantages Theater Seating Chart

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Tickets for all events at Pantages Theater can be ordered online or over the phone. Please feel free to call us toll free 800-279-4444 with any questions.

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