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Arthur Ashe Stadium Seating Chart

Help Me Choose My Seats at the Arthur Ashe Stadium

General Information: Tennis fans do not seem to have a clear consensus on where the best viewing angles are in Tennis. Many people want to sit at center court but the people who seem to know tennis prefer to sit in the corner or end so they can avoid moving their head back and forth to follow the ball. In the corners, you do not have to move your head and you can really gauge the actual speed of the ball from this angle.

The Very Best Seats: Courtside seats get you as close to the court as possible while offering the best view of the world's topnotch tennis players in action. You can often hear the players talking from any seat in Ashe Stadium, so imagine what you'll hear if you're sitting in courtside seats. The highest row on this level is still amazingly close to the action. You will have a once in a lifetime experience from the courtside seats. Tell your friends to watch for you on TV, as the courtside level seats get a lot of exposure during the Open. If the world's best hard-court tennis action isn't enough to hold your attention, spend some time stargazing. Each session offers you the opportunity to see a host of celebrities throughout the Courtside sections. Of course sitting with the stars has its price, so be ready for the price tag associated with these tickets.
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Very Good Seats: Rows A-C of the Loge are still very close to the action and tickets for these sections are often available at about half the price or less of the Courtside seats. If price is a bit of an issue but you still want to sit in very good seats, try to secure some seats in the first few rows of the Loge section.
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Quality and Affordable Seats: Rows D-G of the Loge are very popular with our customers. Seats here can be obtained at some of the lowest prices for the second level. Most people look for seats in these rows simply to avoid the stigma of sitting in the upper level. These are still considered quality seats for most tennis fans.
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Budget Minded:
If you simply want to attend the US Open and choose not to pay the high prices to sit right on top off the action, the upper level seats make for a great alternative. The upper level consists of 25 rows. It does tend to get cold at the top of this stadium during the night sessions. The first 10 rows are just above the Loges so the view is not much different. The higher rows in the upper level can be a bit of a hike to get to. Keep in mind that this is a tennis stadium, not a baseball or football stadium. You can see fine and easily recognize the players from any seat you choose. Simply put, even if you sit high up in Arthur Ashe Stadium, the atmosphere of this venue is like no other.
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Venue Information
Gates usually open around 10:00 AM for the morning sessions and 6:00 PM for the evening sessions.

* NOTE: With a ticket for Arthur Ashe, you can get onto any of the other courts on the grounds. They are all general admission seating venues but your ticket will get you in. You can buy general admission seating but it wont be good for Arthur Ashe where all of the premier matches are.
Ticketing Information

Tickets for all events at Arthur Ashe Stadium can be ordered online or over the phone. Please feel free to call us toll free 800-279-4444 with any questions.

Events at Arthur Ashe Stadium:
US Open Tennis

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