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Help Me Choose My Seats at Richmond International Raceway

Track Specs:
Banking/Turns: 14° · Distance: 3/4 mile· Shape: D-shaped oval

General Information

At Richmond International Raceway both of the races are at night at the ¾ mile flat short track. As with Bristol Motor Speedway there really are no bad seats here. There are, however, certain places where views might be slightly obstructed.

Commonwealth/Nextel Rows 1-34 -
The Commonwealth E-J goes up to row 43. These seats are the best seats at the track. They are right in front of the pits and above row 14. You should have a good view of the entire track. These would be the seats that would impress someone special and their prices usually reflect that.
Editor Rating:

Veranda Rows 1-30 A-F, Dogwood AA-F 1-30, Colonial A-E Rows 1-34, Old Dominion K Rows 1-34
All of the sections listed are excellent seats allowing you a full view of the pit road but also lets you view the race without turning your head this is a bonus at a short track. Be careful of colonial section E if you want to have a drink during the race as it is a non alcoholic section.
Editor Rating:

Dogwood G-S Rows 1-41, Dogwood Tower Q-S, Old Domimion A-J Rows 1-34
These sections are not bad. You still have the luxury of not having to turn your head to watch the race, but you are unable to see the pits from this area.
Editor Rating:

Henrico A-ZZ, Henrico Tower A-Y
These seats are on the backstretch turns. Turns 2-3 and the backstretch itself. If you are looking for the cheapest seats in the place these are it. If you can afford to upgrade yourself to one of the better sections described above I would encourage it. Be careful in the Henricho Towers. The higher up you get the more difficult it becomes to see the cars when they suck up to the walls on the backstretch. In Towers P-R rows 1-18 watch out for Dogwood section O. This is another non-alcoholic section.
Editor Rating:
Seating Chart
Richmond International Raceway Seating Chart
Ticketing Information

Tickets for all events at Richmond International Raceway can be ordered online or over the phone. Please feel free to call us toll free 800-279-4444 with any questions.

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