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Help Me Choose My Seats at Daytona International Speedway

Daytona Specs:
Banking/Turns: 31° · Distance: 2.5 miles · Shape: Tri-oval

General Information
- If you are looking for the best views of the entire track we suggest buying seats in the higher rows, rows 22 and up. If you want to feel the thunder of the cars driving by, try finding seats located in the lower rows. The entire track will not be visible from the lower rows but you will get a close up view as the cars scream by. Seating Chart

Tower Seating - Daytona Speedway is a 2 1/2 mile track. (This is very big.) To get a full view of the entire track, you really need to be in the tower seats, which are usually the last 20 rows of the grandstands. For the best possible viewing of the race and to really impress your client or someone special, I highly recommend the Nextel, Earnhardt and Petty Towers. Located on the front stretch and near the start/finish line, these seats offer an awesome view of all the high-speed action. However, the price on these tickets is usually very high. The Roberts and Weatherly Towers offer a similar view and tend to be a bit lower in price. If the cost of tickets in the above sections is still more than you wish to pay, look for seats in the Depalma and Seagrave Towers. In my opinion these seats offer the best bargain for your money. These are the last sections on the front stretch that allow you to see the pits along with the entire track. The Keech, Lockhart and Oldfield Towers are the least expensive Towers on the front stretch. Although you don't have a good view of the pits, you are still sitting on the front stretch where most of the passing and/or crashing action occurs. The last of the Towers is located on the backstretch in the Allison, Lund and Turn 2 sections. Although tickets in these Towers offer the lowest prices for Tower seating, I personally would rather sit lower on the front stretch than up higher in these sections.
Editor Rating

Box Seating - Box seats generally start at row 14 or 16, except the Campbell box which is elevated, and go to row 25. The Box sections are only found on the front stretch directly under the Tower sections with the same name, except for the Campbell Box, which is directly under the Sprint Tower. The only difference between the Tower and Box sections is how high up from the track you sit. Once you get below the 22nd row of the box sections the backstretch becomes more difficult to see, due to obstructions on the infield such as the Media Tower, Position Tower, garages, car carriers, motor homes, etc. The price of tickets in these sections also differs from the Tower sections; they are a bit more wallet friendly.
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Chair Seating - Chairs are usually the first 15-18 rows depending on the section. Again, other than the Campbell Chair, which is elevated, all of the other Chair seats are located under the Box section with the same name. These are the lowest priced tickets on the front stretch. Although you are very close to the action on the track in these sections, if you get down too low (rows 1-2), it is difficult to see the cars as they come out of the turns and suck up to the walls. Chair seats are fairly cheap compared to the cost of other seats, so if you're looking to experience high-speed, high action NASCAR racing without the high price, try looking for seats in these sections.
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Low Row Backstretch Seating (Rows 1-32) - Unless you are planning to attend Daytona just for the experience and really don't care about where you sit, I would not recommend buying seats in these sections. Although these tickets are budget priced, sitting here will seriously take away from your experience due to the limited view of the track.
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Seating Chart

Ticketing Information

Tickets for all events at Daytona International Speedway can be ordered online or over the phone. Please feel free to call us toll free 800-279-4444 with any questions.

Events at Daytona International Speedway:
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Daytona 500
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