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Help Me Choose My Seats at Bristol Motor Speedway

Bristol Specs:
Banking/Turns: 36° · Distance: 0.533 miles · Shape: Oval

General Information

When you think of Bristol Motor Speedway imagine a football stadium that seats over 150,000 people and instead of football on the field, they are running a 43 car high speed race. There are really no bad seats at Bristol; only good and better. I highly recommend this race track to the motor sports enthusiast. Bristol is a 1/2 mile track (which is very short for a race track) and all of the action can be seen from anywhere. The cars get up to 120 mph and there is a lot of paint trading going on. The banking is 36° on the turns and 16° on the straight aways. The combination of the small track, high speeds and extreme banking angles make for one exciting race.

Terrace Level Seating - Terrace level seating is located in the Allisons (Frontstretch), Kulwicki (Turns 1-2), Pearson (Turn 1) and on the backstretch in the Petty, Earnhardt, Johnson and Yarbrough sections. Terrace seating is elevated and come with elevator access, private concessions and bathrooms. The seats are stadium style with back and cup-holders. Most people prefer seating in the higher rows because they offer a better vantage point and reduced noise level (although earplugs are highly recommend). If you are looking for great views of the pit check out seats in the Allison Terrace. Pits are visible from anywhere, but the Allisons have the best view of the pits on the frontstretch. All Terrace seating is fantastic but my personal favorite are seats in the Kulwicki Terrace. Because it is located on the end, you wont have to turn your head from side to side to watch the race. If you want the best seats or are looking to impress a client the Terrace is where you want to be.
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Tower - The tower seats are located in the Wallace section between turns 1 and 2. These seats are good because they give you a birds-eye view of the entire track including the pits. Keep in mind that the tower is very high up (over 90 rows). If you are afraid of heights you may want to choose different seats. Tower seating shares elevator access, private concessions and bathrooms with the Kulwicki Terrace.
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Grandstand - All grandstand seats, with the exception of the backstretch (Petty, Yarborough & Johnson), go up to row 63-65. I recommend that you sit at least 10 rows up. The track is visible from row 1 but these seats are bit close for me. Generally we seat all our clients above row 10.
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Seats To Avoid - Nearly every seat at the speedway is good but you may want to avoid seats in the Waltrip section above row 55. The poles that hold up the suites may obstruct your view of the track.
Seating Chart
Bristol Speedway Seating Chart
Ticketing Information

Tickets for all events at Bristol Motor Speedway can be ordered online or over the phone. Please feel free to call us toll free 800-279-4444 with any questions.

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