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Track Specs:
Banking/Turns: 14° · Distance: 2.0 miles · Shape: D-shaped oval

General Information

California Speedway is a 2-mile D shaped oval with light banking in the turns. This makes for a very high-speed race with lots of passing. The speedway stands are divided, odd number sections toward turn one and even number sections toward turn two. All of the grandstand seating is on the front stretch, so as long as you are at least 22 rows up you should have a good view of the track and pits as long as you are not all the way out on the turns.

Upper Seating (sections 33-119 and 32-98 rows 24-48) - Just about every seat on the front stretch offers a good view of the entire track and a view of the pits except sections 101 and higher. These are a bit too far into the turn to see the pit action. All of these seats are bleacher style but they come with backs on them. The seats from sections 33-51 and 32-50 are the best seats for the best price. You still have the same view as you would in the PSL seats but you are paying only a fraction of the price.
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PSL Seating (section 1-31 and 2-30 rows 24-48) - These seats are on the start finish line with a great view of the pits. These are theater style seats and they have easy access to the concessions and the bathrooms. These tickets are very expensive to obtain due to the fact that season ticket holders have to put up money in advance for the seats each year.
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Lower Seating (sections 1-119 and sections 2-98 rows 1-23) - These are not bad seats if you don't mind seeing only half of the track. Unless you are fortunate enough to get row 22 or 23 your view is very limited. Also, the difference in the price for the lower seats and the upper seats makes it hard to justify purchasing these tickets. Remember this is a 2-mile track.
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Seating Chart
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Ticketing Information

Tickets for all events at California Speedway can be ordered online or over the phone. Please feel free to call us toll free 800-279-4444 with any questions.

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