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Help Me Choose My Seats for the Lambeau Field

General Information

So you want to know where to sit huh? Well our experts have broken down the stadium to help you find the perfect seats. Review the information below. If you have any questions please feel free to call us toll free 800-279-4444.

Outdoor Club Seats (430-435) Rated - With a great overall view and VIP amenities, these seats provide a great football experience. These amenities include in-seat waiter service and access to the Associated Bank Club Level where you can get full bar service, upscale menu items and a lounge atmosphere complete with televisions. The Outdoor Club seats are located on the east sidelines.

Lower Level Yard Lines (111-128) Rated - These are in the main bowl of the original Lambeau Field; this location provides an excellent view of all the pounding gridiron action. The history witnessed from these seats is the main reason people talk about this venue with such great emotion.

Indoor Club (470-492 or 670-694) Rated - Indoor says it all. As it gets colder and colder into the late season, these seats will start to look better and better to those of you who are not polar bears. Although these seats are in the end zone, you do get VIP service and are provided with easy access to whatever you need. These amenities are the same as in the Outdoor Club Level (see above). The Indoor Club Level seating is located in the north end zone area.

300 Level Yard Lines (318-334) Rated - Here you will have a great overall view of the entire field and you will be on the home side of the field. You can sit back, relax and comfortably enjoy the game.

Lower Level End Zones (129-138 & 100-110) Rated - Here's where the clenching moments of the game take place, the end zones. In these sections you will be close to the pivotal scoring action when it is on your end of the field. There is a more narrow overall view of the game but when the drive nears your end, these sections tend to get very animated and energetic.

End Zone 300 Level (336-345 or 307-316) Rated - These are the seats to get if you don't have a lot of money at hand and simply want to experience the aura and mystic of an NFL game in Lambeau field. These seats are higher up and on the end zones so it might be a good idea to bring a jacket and some binoculars.

Seating Chart
Lambeau Field Seating Chart
Venue Information

Lambeau Field or Old City Stadium was opened in 1957, making it the longest tenured facility in the NFL. It has been home to the Green Bay Packers since its opening. Lambeau Field is coming into the new with 166 private boxes and also about 3,000 outdoor club seats located on the east side of the stadium as well as 3,000 indoor club seats on the north end of the stadium.

Ticketing Information

Tickets for all events at the Lambeau Field can be ordered online or over the phone. Please feel free to call us toll free 800-279-4444 with any questions.

Events at Lambeau Field:
Green Bay Packers

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