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Help Me Choose My Seats at Gillette Stadium

General Information
Gillette Stadium has 3 levels of seating not including the luxury suites. There are a total of 86 luxury suites and 1 Super Suite.

The stadium has capacity of 68,800 people. It is an open aired stadium and has natural grass. All of the sight lines within the venue are great, from the end zone to the fifty-yard line. Opened in 2002 at a cost of $397-million dollars, no cost detail should have been over looked. Each end zone has a gigantic HDTV screen that is 48' x 27'; my wife still won't let me get one for our home. Every seat includes its own cup holder. There are 60 restrooms and 500 plus point of sale stands throughout the stadium. There are over 1,000 TV monitors, not Water Monitors, distributed throughout the stadium.

Club Seats Rated -
Club Level yard lines CL6-13 / CL28-36. Club Level is located in the middle level of the stadium where it says club seating on our map. Close enough to see all of the players and at the same time you also have a comfortable over all view of all the action plus access to the Club Lounge.

Lower Level Yard Lines Rated
- 106-113 for the home team and 128-135 for the visitors. Excellent seats, from here you or a preferred client will have a first-rate view of all the action.

Lower Level Corners Rated - 114-119,123-127,136-140,101-105 for are budget minded shopper this is a good seating location. You get a better prospective of how many yards are gained on a play then you do in the end zone.

Upper Level Yard Lines Rated
306-313,328-335 Great over all view of the entire stadium you might be able to see your house from here. You might have looked at the map already and you noticed that the 300 level looks to have two levels but it does not.

Mezzanine Level Corners Rated -
201-205,214-216,223-227,236-240 The same great over all view as the club seats with the price tag or the access to the club and not yard lines but the same great over all view.

Upper Level Corner Rated
Upper level corner 301-305,314-318,336-340,323-327 the upper corner is where the lowest priced reserved seat will be found.

SRO Seating - Standing Room Only seating is available at Gillette Stadium. If you have a Standing Room Only ticket you will have to find the best view possible from any of the public areas within the stadium. These areas include the concourse, bridge areas or ramps for the most part. If you have a ticket marked SRO or Standing Room Only you will not have an assigned seat and will have to find a place to stand and watch the game.

Seating Chart
Gillette Stadium Seating Chart
Venue Information
More Information
Although it was built for the Patriots the first to play here were the Rolling Stones in 2002. Gillette stadium is also home to a pro soccer team for the time being.

All seats are 19-21 inches wide with armrests and have cup holders
Row information
300 level has 26 rows
200 level has 27 rows
100 level has 38 rows

Ticketing Information

Tickets for all events at Gillette Stadium can be ordered online or over the phone. Please feel free to call us toll free 800-279-4444 with any questions.

Events at Gillette Stadium:
New England Patriots