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Buy tickets to events at Arrowhead Stadium:
Kansas City Chiefs  l  Big 12 Championship

Help Me Choose My Seats at Arrowhead Stadium

The Best Seats in the House Rated
In my opinion, the best seats would be in the lower level between the 20’s. These are sections 117-120 (Chief’s side) and 135-102 (visitor’s side). You have little shade during the day but if you want to avoid some of the “rays”, you’ll want to sit on the visitor side. Look for rows 10 or higher to avoid having the players and personnel get in your way.

Excellent Seats Rated
The next best seats would be lower level seats from the end line (back of the end zone). These are sections 114-116, 121-123, 132-134, 130-105. You’ll still want to be at least 10 rows up to avoid obstructions on the field (players), but they are a great place to sit to see them score and do their victory dance’s.

Economical Seats Rated -
Lower level corners and end zones are where you want to sit if you’re on a tighter budget but need to be in the lower level. These are sections 106-112, and 124-131. Still good sets and you can buy more treats for the family.

Club Level Rated - The club level, the 200 sections, are probably where you want to sit in the colder months. There are 10 rows here and will block more wind than the lower or upper levels. Don’t be fooled by “club” though. If you want any special amenities, you’ll have to buy a separate “club pass” to get into the “club area” which has the better food for purchase, shorter lines and T.V. monitors.

Upper Level Rated - The upper level is for the fan that just wants to get into the game and experience the atmosphere of Arrowhead. There are no obstructions at all and the seats are more affordable. Make sure to bring heavy clothes in the colder months to avoid being frozen.

Seats To Avoid -Much like many NFL stadiums, there are not many bad seats or obstructed views. You just want to avoid sitting too low (9 rows or lower) in the lower level along the sideline to avoid the players and personnel.

Seating Chart
Arrowhead Stadium Seating Chart
Venue Information

Playing Surface: Grass
Year Opened:
One Arrowhead Drive
Kansas City, MO 64129

The scoreboard and jumbo tron’s are located in each end zone. They are not as big as most so you might have trouble seeing them depending on where you are sitting.

There are between 40-50 rows in the lower level, 10 rows in the club level and between 25-45 rows in the upper level. Also, make sure you go early enough to experience the tailgating in the parking lot (it might end up saving you money on concessions inside the stadium).

Ticketing Information

Tickets for all events at Arrowhead Stadium can be ordered online or over the phone. Please feel free to call us toll free 800-279-4444 with any questions.

Events at Arrowhead Stadium:
Kansas City Chiefs
Big 12 Conference Championship