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Help Me Choose My Seats at Aloha Stadium

General Information

The rule of thumb when choosing seats to a football event implies that lower level 50 yard line seats are going to be the best seats in the house. As a general rule middle level and upper level yard line seats between the end zones will be lower in price than the lower level premium seats. Keep in mind the higher up and further away from the 50 yard line the seats the more the ticket price will decrease. Prices tend do decrease even further in the corners of a football stadium and further still behind the end zones. Keep in mind, the best seats will vary from venue to venue and the information given above is based on football ticket prices as a whole. You might also want to choose your seat depending on which league you are rooting for. The Makau side is for all of you AFC fans and the Makai side is the NFC side. More specific information is provided below for Aloha Stadium.

General Stadium Layout
The lower level (rows 1-29) consists of the orange and blue sections. The next level is the Club or brown level. The Club section consists of only 4 rows. The upper level starts with the red sections (rows 1-5) and ends with the yellow sections (rows 6-17)

Lower Level Seats Between the 25 Yard Lines - Rating
The best seats in the house are the usual lower level seats between the 25-yard lines. These are sections J-M or JJ-MM in the blue and orange sections. These seats are centrally located within the stadium and you'll be assured a great view of every down if you are fortunate enough to sit in this area. If you're going to the Pro Bowl make sure you don't forget your camera, you can snap a shot of your favorite player on the sideline if you shout his name loud enough!

Yard Line Seats Goal Line to 25 Yard Line - Rating
The rest of the yard line seats are good seats. Sections F-H, N-Q, FF-HH and NN-QQ in the orange and blue areas will offer the best view of the action, with the exception of the previously rated sections between the 25-yard lines. You'll still have a great view of all the grinding gridiron action, at a cost a bit less than the 25-50 yard line seats. If you are looking to get some autographs, try finding seats in the first few rows. The Pro Bowlers are very accommodating so take a nice marker. If you are not an autograph seeker, these seats are not for you. There are generally a lot of autograph hounds in this area so the view from the lower rows here may not be what you expect.

The upper level 25-50 yard line seats are also good seats. Aside from being centrally located to the action and having a good overall view of every down, sitting in these seats allows you to take in the beautiful scenery surrounding the stadium.

Upper Level Endzone Seats - Rating
If airfare and hotel costs have eaten up most of your Hawaiian travel budget, the upper level end zone seats offer just the price break you need. These seats still offer a nice view of the game. You're in Hawaii for crying out loud; take in the weather and some sun, all while watching some great football below. With the money you save on these seats relax and order up a plate lunch as you take in the tropical breeze. Treat yourself to a few cold beverages but bring your binoculars, these seats are closer to the field yet higher up than upper level seats in most football stadiums.
Seating Chart

Aloha Stadium Seating Chart
Venue Information

Aloha Stadium, home of the University of Hawaii Rainbows, the Hawaii Bowl and the NFL Pro Bowl, opened in 1975. Seating capacity is 50,000. Located 12 miles from Waikiki and 2 miles from the Honolulu International Airport, this venue is surrounded by all the tropical amenities you'd expect in Hawaii. It's a beautiful open-air facility so bring your hat, shades, sandals and sunscreen. It's okay to wear a lei as well. Traffic is always a problem. Be sure to leave 2-3 hours early so you can take in the atmosphere around the stadium such as tailgating and the marvelous island views. Allow yourself some time inside the stadium before kick off to take some pictures as the players warm up. Be sure to bring sun block even if it's cloudy out, you can still get burnt and I learned this lesson the hard way during the Aloha Bowl many years ago.

Ticketing Information

Tickets for all events at Aloha Stadium can be ordered online or over the phone. Please feel free to call us toll free 800-279-4444 with any questions.

Events at Aloha Stadium:
NFL Pro Bowl