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Help Me Choose My Seats for Reliant Stadium

General Information

So you want to know where to sit huh? Well our experts have broken down Reliant stadium to help you find the perfect seats. Review the information below. If you have any questions please feel free to call us toll free 800-279-4444.

The Best Seats in the House Rated - The very best seats in the house are located in the club (300's) section. There are too many amenities to list with these seats, about the only thing missing is the Starship Enterprise beaming patrons into them. Sideline clubs, which are rows G-V, are the best of the best. The next to the best would be the end zone / corner club seats which are rows A-Z. There are a total of 8,200 club seats in the 300's section and each one comes with a substantial price tag.

Excellent Seats Rated - This category encompasses the lower level yard line seats, which are located in rows A-Z and the higher rows AA-JJ. There are generally two choices to be made when choosing seats in this area, which all depends on individual preference. Some fans like being closer to the field to see the players up close and to hear all the sounds of the game coming from the field, in which case one would choose rows A-Z. Other fans like to sit up a little higher from the field in order to get a better overall view of the bone crunching action, in this case rows AA-JJ would be a more suitable choice.

Good Seats Rated - These are the upper level yard line seats, rows A-T. These are just a step down in quality from the lower level seats. All of the seats in the stadium have plenty of legroom. They don't pack people in like football fanatic sardines at this venue. The view from these seats is great. Although they are in the upper level these seats are not as high as they would be in most of the monster-sized stadiums around the NFL.

Economical Seats Rated - The most economical seats are in the upper level end zones or corners, rows A-M. Since these seats have more legroom and involve a shorter climb to get to than in most NFL stadiums, they receive a better rating than most upper level corner and end zone seats throughout the league.

Seating Chart
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Venue Information

Reliant Stadium stands proudly in Houston, Texas. This stadium is the world's first retractable roof NFL stadium. Reliant opened its doors to NFL action with the start of the 2002 season. The stadium has a seating capacity of 69,500. The atmosphere here is very intimate compared to most NFL venues. There are virtually no bad seats in this stadium. Reliant was designed for football, with all the seats near the field. This stadium probably has the closest upper level seats in the league. It is a state of the art facility, with numerous VIP amenities, upscale concessions, TV screens, and various entertainments. The seats here are comfortable with ample legroom. The parking lot opens four hours early. You can spend a full day tailgating, checking out live entertainment, shopping, and making new friends.

Ticketing Information

Tickets for all events at Reliant Stadium can be ordered online or over the phone. Please feel free to call us toll free 800-279-4444 with any questions.

Events at Reliant Stadium:
Houston Texans
Rodeo Houston

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