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Help Me Choose My Seats at Yankee Stadium

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General Information

Is there a better ballpark to watch a game than Yankee Stadium? Over the years, fans have flocked to see every regular season, playoff and World Series game. So you want to know where to sit huh? Well our experts have broken down Yankee Stadium to help you find the perfect tickets. There are seven major sections of Yankee Stadium. The Field Boxes, Main Boxes, Main Reserved, Loge Level, Tier Boxes, Tier and Bleachers.

How Sections may be labeled on our site:
Bleachers - BLCH, Bleachr, BLCHR
Tier Reserved - UPPER, U, UR
Tier Box - UBX, Tbx, Tier Box, TB, Upper Box
Loge - Loge, Loge Box Lobx or Lgbx
Main Reserved - MR, Main or M
Main Boxes - Mbx, Main Box, Main Bx
Field Boxes - Fld Box, FB, Field, FLB, FBX or FBox
See the sections how they appear at Yankee Stadium!

The Best Seats in the House Rated - Any baseball fan will tell you that the best seats in any ballpark are located in the lower level between the bases. This is definitely true for Yankee Stadium as well. The Field Boxes are located closest to the field, followed by the Main Boxes and Main Reserved sections. The numbering system at Yankee Stadium can appear confusing but it is actually pretty simple. If you want to sit in the lower level infield look for seats located in:

· Field Boxes 1-80 (Rows A-J) - These are closest to the field.
· Main Boxes Sections 201-275 (Rows A-J) - Located just above the Field Boxes
· Main Reserved (Rows 1-10) - Last Section in the Lower Level

Excellent Seats Rated - Many people prefer seats in the Loge. They are located one level above the Main Reserved sections. They aren't as close to the field but because they are a bit elevated they offer a better vantage point from which to see the entire field. Loge seats are also covered in case of rain and offer shade in the warm summer months. Sections 419-472 are considered better because they are located between the bases. If you would rather sit in the lower level, try sitting in the Field Boxes, Main Boxes or Main Reserved sections down the line. Be sure to bring your glove! There is a good chance that a foul ball will come your way.

Good Seats Rated - For far less money good seats can be found in the Tier Boxes in the upper level as close to home plate as possible. Yankee Stadium is not very big so even in the upper level, you will still be fairly close to the field. Also take a look at seats in the Loge Level Down the line. These may be a bit more expensive than the Tier Boxes but they do offer the amenities that come with Loge seating.

Economical Seats Rated - If you just want to go to the game and experience the 'Mystic and Aura' of Yankee Stadium try seats in the Tier Reserved outfield and down the line. This will give you a birds-eye view of the field. The least expensive seats in the upper level would be in sections 26-36. If you want to sit in the lower level, try a seat in the bleachers. If you are a Red Sox fan, leave your hat at home. The fans here are known for being pretty rowdy. Monument Park is located just in front of odd numbered Sections 49-59. If you sit in the lower rows, you will get a good view of the bullpens as well. Many people say sitting in the bleachers will give you a true New York experience.

Seats to Avoid
Rows A-B in all Main Boxes (201 - 350) and Tier Reserved Sections 1 - 36. The concourse is located in front of these rows so people walking to and from may obstruct your view.

Alcohol Free Sections
Tier Reserved Sections 13 & 14 and the Bleachers.

Monument Park
The Yankees have included a special walk honoring those Yankees who have their uniform numbers retired. Great to see if you love the history of baseball. Anyone can enter Monument Park except those with tickets in the bleachers. Fans with "Bleacher Seating Only" will not be permitted in Monument Park.
Seating Chart
Yankee Stadium Seating Chart
Ticketing Information

Tickets for all events at Yankee Stadium can be ordered online or over the phone. Please feel free to call us toll free 800-279-4444 with any questions.

Events at Yankee Stadium:
New York Yankees

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