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Help Me Choose My Seats at Petco Park

Events: San Diego Padres

General Information
Our experts have broken down Petco Park to help you find the perfect seats. Review the information below. If you have any questions please feel free to call us toll free 800-279-4444.
Petco Park Seating Chart

Petco is a brand new ballpark. It has fewer seats than Qualcomm; the former home of the Padres. Fewer seats means better site lines and since no football will be played in this park, there are a lot of seats closer to the action and laid out with solely baseball in mind. For 453.4 million dollars it's a safe bet that they built Petco to be a nice park to watch a game in.

All seats in the park include cup-holders. 32% of the seating is between the foul poles (14,828 seats) as opposed to 11% (6,974 seats) between the poles at Qualcomm Stadium.

Comfort is key at the new facility, there are plenty of restrooms and concession stands throughout each level of the ballpark which include the Field Level the Toyota Terrace Level and the Upper Deck.

Petco seating is arranged by odd numbered sections on one side of the park and even numbered sections on the other. The Padres, home team or first base side of the park includes only odd numbered sections 1-329 while the visitors or third base side of the park contains sections 2-328. Section 300 is directly behind home plate in the upper level of the park while sections A-L are the Omni Hotel Premier Club sections behind home plate and between the bases.

The Best Seats in the House Rated - Sony Dugout Club seats and Omni Hotel Premier Club seats are the best of the best in Petco Park. The Sony Dugout Club sections 1-6 offer wider seats and waitress service. Fans here won't miss any of the action with their own server running to get popcorn for them. With the first row of the Dugout Club sitting only 45 feet away from home plate; seats here are right on top of the action. Omni Hotel Premier Club sections A-L offer many of the same amenities as the Dugout Club sections, such as wider seats and waitress service. Seats here are an excellent choice if one is looking for a price break from seats in the Dugout Club and still desires the same VIP treatment.

Excellent Seats Rated
- Field Boxes in sections 101-117 and section 119 are closer to the field than Omni Club seats. These sections lack the waitress service of other sections but there are plenty of vendors roaming the isles with the usual ballpark refreshments. Sections 101-108 are between the bases while sections 109-117 and 119 are down the lines. Depending on preference, Field Boxes offer a great view of the action close to the field from either between the bases or a bit past the bases.

Good Seats Rated - Toyota Terrace Infield sections 201-210 offer a great overall view of the field as well as the entire park and some nice views of the outlying San Diego area. These are club level sections with access to restaurants and lounges not available to those with seats elsewhere in the venue. Club 19, Baja Bristo, The Wind & Sea Lounge and Coronado's are just a few places one can spend time if they hold a ticket in one of these sections. With so much to see and do around this level, even the slow games go by fast. This is a great section to choose when entertaining guests of all sorts.

Economical Seats Rated - For fans that don't mind sacrificing a premium view of the game in exchange for more money in their pockets at the end of the night, the following sections may be just the ticket. Field Reserve seats in sections 113-127 offer views of the game from the 100 level. Although they are further down the lines than the higher priced seating, these seats are in prime foul ball territory and close to the field. Toyota Reserved seats in sections 211-223 offer the same "slightly-less-than-perfect" views of the game from down the lines but considering the included access to all the 200 level restaurants and lounges, the money saved on the ticket price might be well spent at the bar! For an even further price break and a between the bases view of the game, Upper Infield Reserve seats in sections 300-312 offer a nice match of price versus view. These seats are in the lower rows of the upper deck and offer a nice alternative to views from the lower level down the line sections. Not only do they offer a between the bases perspective of the action, the views of San Diego from these sections are an added treat.

Bargain Seats Rated - For premium series and post season games that fill up the park the following sections may be the only way into the park without breaking the bank. Upper Deck seats in sections 300-328 are at the top of the park and while the view from the field is more distant than lower sections the fresh air and surrounding ballpark scenery makes for a great bargain during the expensive series games. Seats in sections 300-312 will cost a bit more than seats in sections 315-328 due to there view from between the bases. Another alternative for those on a budget are the outfield sections. The 100 level seats in sections 126-134 and 129-137 will cost a bit more than 200 level seats but the chance to take home a souvenir home run ball is higher in these sections too! Sections 226-230 and 225-227 are the higher outfield sections. With a bit more of a price break from the 100 level outfield seats, one can enjoy fresh air, an outfield view of the game and the fact that they've gotten into the park at some of the lowest possible prices. If tickets are not to be found anywhere else in the park, standing room only seats may be available. If standing room seats are not an option the Picnic Terrace and Bleachers sections on either side of center field may have some seats left for sale at bargain prices. Again one gets a view of the game from an outfield perspective, plenty of fresh air and a little cash left in their pockets for a hot dog during the game.
Seating Diagram
Petco Park Seating Chart

Ticketing Information

Tickets for all events at Petco Park can be ordered online or over the phone. Please feel free to call us toll free 800-279-4444 with any questions.

Events at Petco Park:
San Diego Padres