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Help Me Choose My Seats at Wrigley Field

Events: Chicago Cubs

General Information

So you want to know where to sit in one of Major League Baseball's most historic yards huh? Well our experts have broken down Wrigley Field to help you find the perfect seats amongst the red bricks and ivy! Review the information below. If you have any questions please feel free to call us toll free 800-279-4444.
Wrigley Field Seating Chart

Best Seats in the house Rated - Club Boxes
Club Boxes are located in rows 1-10 of sections 1-39. There are an extra three rows, rows A-C, for a total of 13 rows in sections 16-25. Club Box seats are sure to impress whether one's treating friends, family or clients to a game. They offer a great view and keep patrons sitting close to the action. The front rows here offer visitors a chance to be a part of the game. Patrons should keep their eyes open for screaming foul balls and close-to or foul balls that players have a chance to turn into outs. Prime viewing sections start at section 10 and extend around home plate to first base in section 32. Tickets for Club Box seats in sections 10-32 are bound to cost more than tickets for seats in the remaining Club Box sections due to their preferred viewing locations between the bases.

Excellent Seats Rated - Field & Terrace Boxes
Field Boxes include sections 101-142, rows 1-15 and generally do not run as pricey as seats in the Club Boxes. During daylight games, sections 137-142 are exposed to the most sunlight which can be a plus or a minus. On a hot day one may want to avoid these sections if possible, however the extra sunlight here during the cooler months might just add up to the perfect climate to watch the game in. Again, the prime seats here are in sections 111-131 between the bases and a price break can usually be found when looking for tickets for Field Box seats down the lines. Terrace Boxes are also excellent seats to enjoy the game from. They are located in sections 201-242 in the first seven rows of the Terrace level, rows 1-7. These seats are in front of the poles that offer obstructions to seats higher up in the Terrace level. Seats in sections 211-231 offer views of the action from between the bases while the remaining sections are down the lines.

Good Seats Rated - Bleachers
Rated three stars for fun, the Bleachers are a popular choice for many due to the party atmosphere that has become a staple in this section during Cubbies home games. Seats here are a great choice for the fun loving who wish to sit near other outgoing fans. It's the perfect section for drinking a cold one and taking in some sun while waiting for that, go-ahead, dead-center home run ball to come floating over the ivy!

Economical Seats Rated - Upper Deck & Terrace Reserve
Seats in the Terrace Reserve, sections 201-242, rows 8-23 are the most cost effective choice of seats in the lower level. Most of the seats in these sections are covered, which can help out during midsummer daylight games. One should keep in mind that the poles supporting the upper deck start in row 8, which is the first row of the Terrace Reserve section and offer various degrees of an obstructed view depending on the location. These poles are slim by design and the ball is still easy to follow. If cash is an issue and a lower level view of the game is a must, these seats offer a nice match of price and viewpoint. Sections 211-231 are between the bases and a further break on the price can be found on tickets in the remaining sections of the Terrace Reserve. Upper Deck Boxes, sections 402-438, rows 1-10 offer the best view of the game from the upper level of the park. These are the uncovered rows of the Upper Deck and offer clear site lines to the field. Sections 411-429 are between the bases while the remaining sections are down the line. The Upper Reserve seats in sections 503-538, rows 1-9 are mostly covered, and offer a break from the sun at the right times yet the poles that support the upper level awning do cause obstructed views. Sections 511-529 are between the bases while the remaining sections in the 500 level are down the lines. Factoring in the shade, the poles and the money that can be saved sitting here during premium series and post season play, Upper Deck seats are a good choice for those on a budget that simply want to see a great ball club play in a majestic park.

Seating Diagram
Wrigley Field Seating Chart
Ticketing Information

Tickets for all events at Wrigley Field can be ordered online or over the phone. Please feel free to call us toll free 800-279-4444 with any questions.

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