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Help Me Choose My Seats at Camden Yards

Events: Baltimore Orioles

General Information
So you want to know where to sit in Oriole Park at Camden Yards huh? Well our experts have broken down Camden Yards to help you find the perfect seats. Review the information below. If you have any questions please feel free to call us toll free 800-279-4444.

The Best Seats in the House Rated
- Field Box seats in sections 20-54 are the lower level field box seats spanning around home plate from first to third. These are the prime viewing seats between the bases and close to the field. Club Box seats in sections 216-254 include club level amenities such as in-seat wait service and offer a great perspective on the game from the club level between the bases. Field Boxes in sections 16-18 and 56-58 offer similar views to the previous sections and offer a slight price break. Club Level Box seats in sections 212-214 and 256-250 are further down the foul lines. They include in-seat wait service, a further break in the cost of a ticket and a solid view of the entire field. Club Box seats in sections 204-210 and 262-270 offer a club level view from down the lines, club style amenities and an even further break in the price for premium tickets.

Excellent Seats Rated - Terrace Box seats, sections 19-53, are box seats in the first few rows of the second level or the mid level rows in these sections. These are prime seats to view the action from between the bases in the second level. The Lower Boxes, sections 6-14 and 60-54, are also great seats. They offer a nice break in the price due to their location down the lines and a close-up view of the action from the lower level. These are prime areas for foul balls and discarded balls hit foul down the line.

Very Good Seats Rated - Lower Reserve seats, although located in the higher rows of sections 19-53, are still very nice seats. They offer a good view of the entire park from between the baselines, a shorter trek to concessions and restrooms and a little extra shade on really sunny days. Rows J-N here are high up in the section and patrons might lose some high pop ups due to the 200 level overhang. These are still nice seats with a good view regardless. All seats in Lower Reserve sections from 7-88, Rows J-N may have a limited view of high-pop-ups. This is usually nothing to worry about, it helps with the price and there's more shade up in these rows. Terrace Box seats in sections 1-17 and 55-56 are also nice seats due to their close proximity to the field from the second level. They also offer a break in the price from lower level infield seats and sections 1-7 offer excitement on long balls hit foul down the first base line; section 1 is right on the foul pole. Left Field Lower Box seats, sections 66-86, offer similar excitement to the previous sections yet they are first level seats and closer to the field. Sections 74-86 are bound to receive some home runs sent deep by right-handed batters due to their location directly behind the left field wall. Sections 66-72 are in perfect range for balls fouled off deep to the left corner so souvenir hunters beware! Lots of sun may factor into the decision to sit here during midday games but the break in the price may be worth it to some. Left Field Club Box seats seats in sections 272-288 offer similar views to the previous sections but are higher up and in a club style setting. They do not offer in-seat wait service but do offer some shade during afternoon games.

Good Seats Rated - Left Field Lower Box seats in sections 67-75 offer good views of the action from the second level left field corner and plenty of shade throughout daylight games in the higher rows. Upper Box seats in the first few rows of sections 316-356 are good seats due to their preferred locations between the bases. What's really impressive is the shade that's available here during the day, the upper deck awning really does a nice job at the right time of the day. However these are upper level seats with a further view from the field and more exposure to the elements on less than pristine days which might factor into the decision to spend a bit more on some lower level seats. Upper Box seats in the front rows of sections 306-312 and 358-372 offer the next best views of the game from the third level. When price is a factor and upper level seats between the bases are out of the question, the first few rows here are the best alternative. However one should keep in mind that the views here are from the upper level and down the lines.

Economical Seats Rated - Lower Reserve seats in the upper rows of sections 7-17 and 55-75 offer good views from down the line, shorter walks to concessions, less climbing to and from seats, more shade and are often found at some of the lowest prices available. Lower Reserve seats in section 4 offer the excitement of deep hit fouls landing in the section as well as some great views of homers and close-to-homers that are hit into the right field corner yet the overall view is away from the majority of the action. All-in-all, with the added excitement in section 4, these are not bad seats for the price. The other Lower Reserve seats in sections 77-87 may be targeted by long hit home runs to left field on occasion and do offer shade from the sun in the right rows but the overall view of the action and the possibility for too much direct sunlight might sway some into paying a little more for similar seats somewhere between the bases. Eutaw Street Reserve seats in sections 90-98 offer outfield views from the right field power alley and a chance for a free, well hit souvenir. However they offer no shade during day games and are recommended only to those on a tight budget in need of seats during a premium series or post season play. Upper Reserve seats in the uppermost rows of sections 306-312 and the entire sections of 360-364 are some of the highest seats in the stadium. Again, these seats are only recommended to those on a budget during premium and post season games. Left Field Upper Reserve seating, sections 368-388 offer the furthest view from the action and are only recommended to those that do not care where they sit as long as they're watching their beloved game of baseball from inside the gates. The views are still nice from these seats and the entire park is something to see from any section so these seats might be the perfect option for some people on high capacity days. Standing Room Only seats are available only prior to games that have sold out and may be the last option for those that want to attend sold out games at the lowest possible prices. SRO areas are located in Flag Court (which hoists a flag for every American League team in order of league standing) directly behind the right field wall and next to the Eutaw Street reserve sections in left-center field.

Wheelchair accessible seats are located throughout this venue in most ticket categories but are not often found on the secondary market. Wheelchairs are available at the ballpark on a first come first serve basis for transport to and from seats so this may be an option if tickets in wheelchair accessible areas are not listed on our site . Contact the Fan Services Department at Camden Yards directly at 410-685-9800, ext. 6600 for more information.

Seating Diagram
Camden Yards Seating Chart
Ticketing Information

Tickets for all events at Camden Yards can be ordered online or over the phone. Please feel free to call us toll free 800-279-4444 with any questions.

Events at Camden Yards:
Baltimore Orioles